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Panoramic Research’s Analysis on Demand service is a unique offering, providing secondary research, insights, and support on an array of topics. Analysis on Demand allows you and your business to ask a question of our analysts, and we leverage our years of expertise and an extensive collection of research sources to address and answer this question. Here is a breakdown of how our research model works:

The Service Umbrella

Analysis on Demand is an all-encompassing and fully customizable plan that gives clients access to expert analysts on a need-basis. We offer consulting and advisory services completely ad hoc or can provide affordable insights and access to dozens of pricey databases on retainer. Analysis on Demand is made to fit your business and your budget.


The Scope of Subjects

With over 25 years of research experience, our net is widely cast to cover topics in credit cards, banking, emerging payments, FinTech innovation, retail, and digital commerce. Our database access is in line with these industries, so we are always at the cutting edge for news and trends.


Personalized Service

Our model opens the door for our clients to field experts, expensive subscription-based databases, and analysis on discovered competitive intelligence. Our team will take the time to assess your needs. Each deliverable is customized for the client in about 2-3 days, depending on the complexity of the issue.


A Panoramic View

Your deliverable will always come with supporting data and articles, but secondary research support is not what makes Panoramic Research unique. Each inquiry will also be packed with invaluable insights from an industry professional to help you and your business make informed decisions. We pride ourselves on concise answers, but with an added layer of strategy and analysis weaved into every response.


How it Works

Whatever the question, we always deliver an answer.

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