Panoramic Research Releases Innovative New Way to Calculate Value of Credit Cards

Unique tool quantifies the value of a credit card based on four key factors, painting a clearer picture for issuers and banks.

(TAMPA, FLORIDA) — Research firm Panoramic Research is thrilled to announce a new cutting-edge tool, the Credit Card Value Index. The Index is a comprehensive tool providing consumer credit card rankings from leading issuers. 

The tool will help credit card issuers and banks gain a better understanding of the value of competing credit cards so they can stay on top of evolving trends in today’s extremely competitive market. 

“The Credit Card Value Index provides an objective, apples-to-apples comparison of cards based on their potential value. Issuers can leverage the database to evaluate their cards against competitors,” said Mark Broderick, Principal Analyst at Panoramic Research.

The tool will allow issuers to make more informed decisions on product development, customer acquisition, and card fee structures based on what competing cards offer.

“Not only is The Credit Card Value Index a comparison of more than 250 credit cards, but it also has the added benefit of being an interactive tool for evaluating the value of cards,” said Broderick.

Credit Card Value Index scores are assigned using Panoramic’s proprietary methodology that bases its rankings on four key criteria:

  1. Rewards
  2. Fees
  3. Acquisition Offers
  4. Benefits

The top credit card in the Index in August was the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. The card added new benefits and features in August, including increased point earnings for dining and travel. As a result, Chase Sapphire Reserve jumped 63 points from the month before and had a Credit Card Value Index score of 323 — jumping ahead of the American Express Platinum Card in the overall rankings.

The top-ranking cashback cards in the Index are:

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited: Score 175
  • Chase Freedom Flex: Score 173
  • Discover It Cash Back: Score 158
  • Wells Fargo Active Cash Card: Score 153
  • Navy Federal Cash Rewards: Score 152
Top Cashback Cards

To learn more about key features and uses of the Credit Card Value Index, click here.


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